Welcome to Brookville Lake’s Hottest Getaway Spot!

Located in the beautiful rolling hills of southeastern Indiana, Heritage Hills is the perfect place for your family weekend getaway. The campground is just nine miles from the town of Brookville, Indiana and seven miles from Liberty, Indiana and close to big cities in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Heritage Hills Campground is a private members owned campground that is operated by a property owner’s association.  There are over 700 deeded lots in the campground, and 8 rental lots available for members friend’s and family.

 Recent testimonials from members and visitors

  • Bob Lewis

    We have been in this campground for 43 yrs. We raised 3 children there on the weekend and they all are very good upstanding citizens. We are there through the summer and we absolutely love it there. If you are not happy at this park it is your own fault.

    Bob Lewis
  • Josh Williams

    Great Private Campground. Grew up there as a child. Lifelong memories to date.

    Josh Williams
  • Bob Palmer

    Awesome place... lots to do in summer

    Bob Palmer
  • Earl Tackett

    Absolutely love this place been going here for years my wifes family has had property here for over 20 years its definitely a home away from for me.

    Earl Tackett
  • John W

    Safe family fun, close to home, No bad days at HH..

    John W

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