The park is a property owner’s association governed by elected property owners who serve as the Board of Directors. There are currently more than 700 property owners. Each lot owner has a deed to their property and new members are required to provide the office with a copy of their deed and driver’s license. The recorded property owner is the only person eligible to vote on behalf of that lot.

Any member in good standing has the opportunity to run for the Board of Directors. Each elected member serves a two-year term.

Rules & Regulations, Restrictive Covenants and By-Laws govern the park. It is suggested you obtain copies of these forms from the office at the time you are considering obtaining a lot in the park to ensure you will be comfortable with the park’s guidelines.

As a property owner, you are provided 50 amp electric service, water, and trash disposal. Yearly maintenance fees are set by the Board of Directors. Each property owner is responsible for cutting their grass and maintaining their site in the proper manner.

Each lot is required by the Union County Health Department to be hooked up to the sewer. The Brookville Lake Regional Waste District is in charge of the sewers and charges are payable to their office.

Lots are available for your family and friends to rent for a nightly fee. Guests are not permitted to bring golf carts into the park.

We are working on an updated map.  You can find a downloadable map at here

If you should need to make repairs to your unit, obtain gravel, have trees removed, construct a sewer lateral, hook up your satellite dish, need an awning. . . . . you can stop in the office and obtain the phone numbers of area contractors or suppliers.

Before ANY changes, improvements, maintenance, or repairs are made to your site, you need to check with the camp office to see what campground and/or Union County procedures and building permits are required.

Pets are welcome but must be walked on a leash or contained in your yard with a fence, tie out, or electric fence. Owners are expected to clean up after their pet.

Golf carts (no ATVs or Gators) are permitted. A yearly permit must be obtained from the park for a small fee upon proof of golf cart insurance. Drivers must be at least 14 years of age to drive alone and must obtain a campground issued driver’s card from the office by presenting their birth certificate. Young drivers must carry this card at all times when driving a golf cart. The speed limit in the campground is 10 miles per hour. Guests are not permitted to bring in golf carts.

A compactor dumpster is provided for food waste only; there is a burn pile in the Tanglewood Area for yard waste. Large items such as lawn furniture, appliances, and tires can be taken to the Liberty Landfill. Directions are posted on the bulletin board or call 765-458-6757.

​We do not have a list of available lots. There are empty lots on which you can park your own unit, lots with RV travel trailers or park models on them at a variety of prices; all properties are privately owned and you must come to the campground and ride around looking for For Sale signs and then contact the owner for information or to answer questions you might have. If you desire to bring in your own unit, you will have to get approval from the Park Manager to make sure it meets the park’s guidelines.

Office hours are different in the summer than they are during the winter non-camping season, so it is advisable to contact the office (765-458-7719) when you plan to come to the campground to make sure there will be someone in the office to let you in. You will be given a map of the campground and other information you will find helpful. Newsletters and a Calendar of Activities are also available.

The park is made up of four sections:

Section 1 – Woodridge
Section 2 – Lakeview
Section 3 – King’s Forest
Section 4 – Greenbrier



 Dan Zimmer – Section 3
Brenda Huffman – Section 3
Vice President
Marilyn Compton – Section 1
Finance Committee 
Kristy Bernhardt – Section 3
Tina Morgan– Section 4
 Activities Committee
Kellee Hibbard – Section 2
David Yanko – Section 4
  JR Fortner – Section 4
 Ginny Noble – Section 3
Park Manager
   Calvin Sowder
   Maintenance Committee
   Improvements Committee
   Building Committee
   Johnny Burns
   Cherrish Wallace
   Hayley Kunkel